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Jez & Jace

Jez & Jace are two bogan lads from Featherston who love drinking, cars, hunting and each other. Created as a homage to bogan culture and their brothers, Ginge & Minge have performed as these boys for over two years. Jez & Jace are versatile characters which can work as MC's, small cabaret acts, sketch comedy, classic theatre/improv shows and as roving characters.

History of the Show:
Jez & Jace first presented themselves in a Captain Caketin Sketch Comedy show as "Jez & Freya" a straight male and butch lesbian trying to help their friend get laid on a dating app. Once Ginge & Minge realised that this energy really worked, they pitched "BROsplained" as a duo improv comedy set to the competition 'Late Night Knife Fight'. After winning the competition (and popular vote) in June 2021, they headlined the competition as a 30min set in September 2021, changing their names to 'Jez & Jace'.

Eventually, they debuted the 50min version at BATS Theatre in April 2022 under the guide of director Austin Harrison. Since then these characters have been touring and evolving into small sketch/drag cabaret acts, a touring show "JEZ & JACE: Lads on Tour" and more...

To date Jez & Jace has performed in:
Late Night Knife Fight, BATS Theatre | June-September 2021
Wellington - BATS Theatre | April 2022
Palmerston North - Globe Theatre | August 2022
Sexy Sunday Shenanigans | January 2023
Auckland Pride Festival - Q Theatre | February 2023
NZ International Comedy Festival - Te Auaha | May 2023
Lads Lads Lads: A Drag King Show | July 2023

If you would like to hire Jez & Jace for your event or host us in your venue get in touch:

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